23 Dec

Cool Features To Consider When Building Your New Home

According to official statistics, 178 thousands of new homes are set to be built in Australia by 2025. The total number of dwellings built till June 2022 was 48,076, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These stats show how many residents of Australia would rather start building their own homes than keep living in rented units and apartments. If you are also planning on building your own home in Australia then you should hire a building consultant to research the area you want to live in.

These consultants will help you find the best location that has good transportation facilities, advanced schools and colleges, world-class amenities and lush landscapes to start building the home of your dreams. If you want to make your home stand out and add some aesthetic appeal to it, then you should look at these cool features you can add to your new home:


  1. Custom Shelving


If you find that you are always out of space to keep your items in your current residence, then you must look at custom shelving. You can sit with your building consultants in Brisbane and map out the areas where you can add additional shelves to create more space in your new home. This can also be aesthetically appealing, like bookshelves in the archway or a collective multimedia unit in the living room.


  1. Higher Ceilings


To add a more luxurious appeal to your new home, you can raise the ceiling height so that there is more space above you. This will also help you decorate your space better with wall fixtures and art décor to make your new home look grand. For instance, increasing your ceiling height from 6 to 8 inches can make a world of difference in how your house will look.


  1. Mudroom


Have you ever walked in from the rain and snow and trudged dirt and ice all over your pretty carpets and floors? To avoid this, you should ask your building consultants in Brisbane to build you a mudroom in your new home. This can be the size of a closet with a bench and a rack to hang up your coats and place to wipe off your boots and shoes so that you do not get your living room dirty.


  1. Cabinet Lighting


Adding cabinet lights can make your home more alluring and aesthetically appealing. Choose from LED strips and energy-saving light bulbs that you can arrange in all corners of your cabinets. This comes in handy as you can arrange them in your kitchen cabinets so you can easily locate things. To add a fun factor, choose colour-changing LED bulbs and light strips that will make your home look unique.




The above exciting features will personalise and add a unique touch to your new home in Brisbane, Australia. You must make sure you discuss all these features with your building consultants in advance so they can get everything ready and done in time.

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